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Cheshire Home Summerstrand Health and Safety Plan of Action amid COVID-19 pandemic:


  • Activities have sadly been cancelled at the Home for approximately 2 weeks, or up until 14 April.
  • The Charity Shops will close for 2 weeks. Should we need to close for longer, this will be communicated. Donations still welcome.
  • Sanitizers around the home for staff and residents.
  • Staff and residents addressed in dining hall on Monday 16 March (and prior) regarding the spread of the disease and how to prevent the spread.
  • Limited visits to shops – upon authorization only of Management. Upon return, hands and wheelchairs to be sanitized.
  • Staff making use of gloves (as usual) and been addressed regarding the frequent changing of gloves and aprons. Monitoring constant.
  • To protect the residents, staff and volunteers’ safety and health, we ask that you respect limited visitations until further notice. If you have travelled abroad, please refrain from visiting our home until you have been cleared by a medical doctor.
  • No volunteer students allowed in the Home until after Easter holidays.
  • No group gatherings over 100 people at the Home.
  • Residents and staff to report immediate feelings of ill health to our Sister Laura.
  • Wheelchair handles to be sanitized and cleaned regularly.
  • Regular updates to be shared with residents re the spread, medical updates, outbreaks in PE and findings.
  • Monthly lunch will be cancelled on 2 April 2020.
  • Hand sanitizers have been purchased and distributed, soaps in all rooms.
  • Importance of handlebars of wheelchair sanitization stressed.
  • Khaya Cheshire closed as of 17/3 until 14/4.
  • Corona virus (COVID – 19) hotline number placed in staff rooms and at entrance : 0800 029 999

Charity Shops...




(7 Gomery Avenue, Summerstrand)

Various quality branded handbags/travel luggage, shoes, kids bags

for sale at bargain prizes!

We gladly accept donations of unwanted items, pre-loved clothes, linen & any household items.


PLEASE CONTACT THE HOME ON 041 583 2183 for more info!

From the Manager's Desk...


“Disability is one of the seven focus areas identified by the South African Human Rights Commission within its mandate to promote, protect, and monitor the realisation of Human Rights in South Africa. People with disabilities currently account for 5.1% of the population aged 5 years and older in South Africa.”

As we speak about disability and reflect upon the rights of persons with disabilities, we sadly share with you the lack of support from our local Municipality with regards to realizing the basic rights of protection, promotion and monitoring – for the purposes of safety and accessibility.

The pavements between our Home and Admiralty Drive, are so broken that our residents have no choice but to drive in the road with their wheelchairs. No need to even mention how busy University Way is, and the associated risks. There is a stretch of road between Gomery Avenue and Rubin Crescent which has no pavement whatsoever, and again wheelchairs (and pedestrians) are forced to walk in the road.

We have sent, over a period of 2 years, several emails to several departments at the Municipality, with the support of our local Ward Office, and have had no response, no assistance and no commitment. Pavements in other wards have been repaired for “aesthetic reasons” and yet we are merely referring to the realization of Basic Human Rights.

On 20 March we will be heading down to the broken pavements, mapping the problem spots, taking photos, inviting Municipal stakeholders and pleading for assistance from the Roads Department (and Human Rights Commission) to have these repaired so that SAFETY AND ACCESSIBILITY are restored to our residents and all other pavement users of Summerstrand. There are several students and elderly folk who are pedestrians and need safe walkways too…benefits extend far into the community.

Let’s join collectively to support our residents in enjoying the same privileges as other metro residents.

Don’t forget to join the 300 Club! Invite your friends to support – a mere R120 per annum.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is on 8 March! I challenge you to support us with R1 per km (109km).

With love always.


Annual Fete 2020



is scheduled for Saturday 6 June at Cheshire Home Summerstrand,

7 Gomery Avenue

We firstly thank you for the generous support you have given Cheshire Home Summerstrand over a number of years through our Fete - you have been a wonderful friend to the Home.

The importance of a successful fete is essential for the Home as fundraising continues to be difficult.  We so plan to have a bumper fete for the direct benefit of our 57 profoundly disabled residents and 23 disabled children at Khaya Cheshire.

We kindly ask for your support again and a formal appeal to follow shortly!

As a registered PBO, we are able to provide an 18 A receipt for any donation (financial) received and this allows for tax benefit for the donation. Please feel free to request such a receipt for your donation.