In Memory of Melvin Humpel

26 February 1956 – 2 February 2020

Our dear CHS Board of Management Chairman, Melvin Humpel, sadly passed away on Sunday afternoon from a heart attack. His sudden passing has come as a great shock to his family, friends and everyone who knew him.

His memorable journey with Cheshire Home Summerstrand began many years ago when his disabled daughter, Heidi Humpel, born with Cerebral Palsy, moved into the Home in 1996.

He became very involved with the Home and events and joined the Home Management Committee in August 2002. He continued being a member of the Committee until an accident, when a tree log fell on him while working on a site in July 2004, resulted in the amputation of his left leg.

After intensive rehabilitation upon the loss of his leg, he decided to re-join the Committee in August 2005 to continue advocating for the Home’s disabled residents and amputees in the local community. He was elected Chairman of the Management Committee in September 2005, a position he held till the time of his passing.

The invaluable support, leadership, knowledge of the law, guidance and friendship he has brought to the Board of Management over the years as Chairman will leave a footprint in the Home’s history. His passionate and genuine concern for those in less fortunate positions, spoke volumes. He always made time available and committed to help everyone around him – not only our residents, staff and Board, but everyone who came into contact with Melvin.

He put everyone else first and took such interest in our Home and all associated with Cheshire. He was an example to all at our Home, and has left a legacy of compassion, empathy, integrity, care, enthusiasm, love and excellence.

In the words of Patti Davis: “That is your legacy on this Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.”

Melvin, you not only touched our lives, you enriched our lives, and we are privileged to have known you. You will be sorely missed and forever admired.



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From the Manager's Desk...

Welcome back to all that have been on holiday, had a chance to spend time with family and friends over December / January vacation, and been lucky enough to travel to exotic holiday destinations.

Some of our residents were able to visit family and friends in the holidays, and now all the “chickens are back in the nest” so we brace ourselves for a busy year ahead. We are grateful that all are back safe and sound.

Biffy Hutton, who was a wonderful supporter of Cheshire Home Summerstrand, passed away suddenly in January, and we sent condolences to Biffy’s sisters who live in KZN and New Zealand. Biffy arranged toiletries through her church community and friends on a monthly basis, over many years, for our residents. Biffy was a blessing to our Home, and we will miss her ever smiling and friendly face at our monthly lunches at our Home. Rest in eternal peace dearest Biffy.

We also pay tribute to our dearly departed Board of Management Chairman, Mr. Melvin Humpel. We will miss his commitment, love and passion for our home and residents. His incredible and ongoing advocacy for our home was far-reaching and we know that he has made a lasting impression on many people in his 63 years! We will miss his spirit and positive energy, but know that he now rests in eternal peace.

We are grateful to all our volunteers who have returned from their holiday and have stepped into their roles with continued enthusiasm – our Wot Not Shop, Clothes Galore, Headsmart Hair Academy, Nelson Mandela University students, Graeme Whale Golf Academy, Arts and Crafts, Art, Bowling, Bible Study, visitors, waitresses, Board of Management and Finance Committee and Friends of Cheshire. Thank you for your valuable time. We are ready to “ROCK and ROLL” in 2020…with you by our side.

At Cheshire, the safety of our residents remains top priority. We ask that you respect our safety policy by being vigilant, reporting untoward behaviour, signing the visitor’s book and “closing the gate behind you”. We don’t want to compromise the safety of all here at the Home. In saying so, please be safe when you are driving, and be mindful of security in your own homes always.

Wishes for a happy and prosperous 2020! Looking forward to sharing this big year with you.

Love always,


Backabuddy Crowdfunding

Charlotte Raubenheimer from Port Elizabeth is crowdfunding on Backabuddy for Resident Phillip Janse van Rensburg (52). He has been a resident at Cheshire Home Summerstrand since July 1998 and has Cerebral Palsy. His wheelchair helps him enjoy some of his hobbies, which are rides at the beach and computers.

Phillip's wheelchair is operated by specialised gear that is powered by a particular battery and worked with his chin. It needs repairs and a new battery. Also, sea elements have contributed to its rust.

Funds raised will assist Phillip in acquiring a new wheelchair and a laptop.

Please support Phillips crowdfunding campaign on Backabuddy: