Cheshire Wheelchair Olympics 2019


Chartity Shops...



(7 Gomery Avenue, Summerstrand)

Various quality branded handbags/travel luggage, shoes, kids bags

for sale at bargain prizes!

We gladly accept donations of unwanted items, pre-loved clothes, linen & any household items.


PLEASE CONTACT THE HOME ON 041 583 2183 for more info!

From the Manager's Desk...

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”   ~Helen Keller~

The month of June was exceptionally busy at our Home. We have much news to share with our friends and family:

  • Our residents have Wi-Fi connectivity! This is a step in the right direction – we are moving forward into the technology era!
  • The provision of physiotherapy (sponsored) for improved mobility, passive muscle movements and a range of other health benefits has been made possible.
  • Our Annual Fete was a happy and well supported affair. We could not have achieved our target (in excess of R300 000) if it were not for the generous donors, the fabulous volunteers and willing staff who always go the extra mile. Well done to our residents who actively participated in this event.
  • Our heartfelt thanks to the RrinosterR Golf Group who selected us as a beneficiary of a highly spirited fun filled music trivia event on 7 June.

Our upcoming events which we are looking forward to in July and August include:

  • Our Cheshire Wheelchair Olympics on 18 July takes place at our Home, at 10:30am. This is a fun filled morning for the residents. We are looking for volunteers to man the stations.
  • On 5 August, we have a dinner and auction at the Keg and Swan – details herein.
  • In September, we have a food and wine pairing event at the Radisson Blu, watch this space for more details.

Active fundraising and a great friendship network will help us reach our goals at Summerstrand Cheshire Home. As Helen Keller says, hope and confidence is key to achieving goals. We head optimistically ahead into the next 6 months hoping that we can increase sales in our shops – we hope to engage a greater participation with the 300 Club membership and Friends of Cheshire base.

I hereby take the opportunity to appeal to you for support for our shops – we need second hand goodies to sell in our shops. We are happy to collect your unwanted goods, that we can re-sell in order to maintain a steady income for the all important sustainability of our home. Our shops are open from 10-2 at 7 Gomery Avenue Summerstrand…from Mondays to Fridays. And yes – we accept anything and everything 😊

Stay warm, stay well, and stay blessed.


Casual Day - Friday 6 September



We are inviting YOU to go with your glow on Casual Day 2019…from the sparkle in your eyes to the bright neon of your outfits. To encourage everyone to shine their light and take up their rights! No longer are persons with disabilities to be relegated to the shadows, this year we call on YOU to stand out, to be visible, to live loud and be seen!

The theme of TIME TO SHINE sets out to achieve many things:

  • to highlight and showcase the brilliance that’s created when South Africans unite behind a truly great cause
  • to encourage people to shine their light and take up their rights.

Of every R10 sticker we sell for Casual Day we get R4. The balance goes into a national fund for the support of disability. We will be able to use the funds we raise for the direct benefit of the 57 disabled adults we care for at Cheshire Home Summerstrand, and the 22 disabled children at our outreach project Khaya Cheshire in Walmer Township.  

Please contact us for stickers and posters as soon as possible so you can start selling early. This year we invite you to visit the Home on Casual Day and “Shine” with our residents. We sincerely hope that YOU will support us on Casual Day.

For more info and stickers please phone Deidre, Glenda or Silest on 041 583 2183!