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In partnership with people with disabilities, Cheshire Homes provides a variety of service for adults with severe permanent disabilities

Residential accommodation and support service for person who are socially active and who do not require permanent frail care.

Employment opportunities, both within and outside Cheshire Homes.

Special vehicles with ramps or hoists designed to provide secure transport for wheelchair users. With the resources available, Cheshire Homes endeavour to provide the best care possible to people with disabilities.

The Service Standards are a set of aspirations and ideals which reflect the values and goals outlined in the Cheshire Charter.

Freedom of Choice:
Services users should be able to come and go freely and to make friends and personal decisions without undue restraint.

Services users’ privacy should always be a prime consideration.

Freedom of religion should be respected.

Personal Relationships:
Freely allowed, with the understanding that there should be due consideration for other.

Medical Care:
Delivered by well trained care staff, and with access to outside medical practitioners.

Employment Opportunity:
Within Cheshire Homes and in the community.

Skills Development:
Enablement to the best of the individual’s ability.

Need Assessment:
Undertaken jointly by staff and service users in order to satisfy individual needs.|

Admission/Discharge Policy:
Clear guidelines available, in writing, to all interested parties.

Service Users’ Responsibilities:
To take the rights of others into consideration and contribute to service delivery.

Appropriate screening, training and monitoring to ensure enabling and supportive services.

Management Committees:
Promote good governance and reliable trusteeship.
Responsibilities of Management Committees:
Adherence to Cheshire service standards   

Mission Statement:
Assist people with disabilities in the pursuit of their aspirations. 

Service Users’ Representation:
Full involvement and consultation on all matter affecting their lives. 
Volunteers’ Objectives:
Contribute to an enabling and supportive environment for people with disabilities.